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El Gran Legado

El Gran Legado x Aged Agave Single Barrel Reposado

El Gran Legado x Aged Agave Single Barrel Reposado

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Aged Agave, tribute to brotherhood Single Barrel. An act of gratitude from founder Steve Vera towards Mr. Greg Batolotta, for being the very first person to taste the brand once distilled two years ago. The single estate Michoacán agaves are cooked via steam injection in Cascahuin's traditional stone ovens for 3 days and then given an extra day to cool down before being crushed on the distillery's roller mill. Fermentation occurs in stainless tanks before the double distillation begins. The first distillation happens on Cascahuin's stainless steel alembic still with a copper coil and the 2nd distillation takes place on the copper alembic with copper coil which brings the Tequila up to 54.5% abv. and immediately placed into a very special French Oak, ex Martell VSOP Cognac for eight months aging. The Reposado Tequila is then placed into stainless steel tanks for stabilization, and bottled immediately after. This single barrel consists of only 252 bottles in production.


The nose is really amazing, agave, vanilla, butterscotch, caramel, leather, followed by sweet cooked agave.

On the palate a very round, soft mouth feel, again flavors of sweet cooked agave, butterscotch and light floral and fruity notes, soft round finish. Delightful sip.

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